Claydon Opti-Till® How it works Enquire Now Direct strip seeding technology Developed by farmers for farmers
to reduce establishment costs and improve yields.
Claydon Opti-Till® How it works Enquire Now Direct strip seeding technology Improving soil structure and soil health. Claydon Opti-Till® How it works Enquire Now Direct strip seeding technology Trusted by farmers worldwide to achieve results whatever the soil, whatever the weather.


The leading tine busts out compaction, aerates the soil and creates tilth and drainage for the seeding and rooting zone.  A range of options is available to suit every drilling scenario.

6m trailed direct seed drill

Drill direct into stubble, min-till or ploughed land while applying fertiliser in the same pass in a choice of locations.  This farmer drill has a comprehensive range of options is available for every drilling scenario.

Straw Harrow 7.5m

High output straw management and weed control with minimal soil movement.  A multi-tool for controlling slugs and creating tilth.

rotary cultivator

A light rotary cultivator for stubble management and weed control.  It can also be used for creating tilth and drainage and incorporating manures.

inter-row hoe

The TerraBlade inter-row hoe is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable band-sown crops, reducing the potential for carry-over into subsequent crops.


A range of heavy Cambridge Rolls to help achieve effective crop establishment by ensuring thorough soil to seed contact.


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A farming family

The Claydon family have farmed the heavy clay land of Suffolk since the early 1900s.  Jeffrey and Frank Claydon are the third generation to farm the land now under the E.T. Claydon and Sons family partnership name.  The brothers started out in 1970 and still farm the land today. The manufacturing side of the business began in 1981, when Claydon Yield-o-Meter was established to sell its yield monitoring system.

Claydon machines are developed on a working farm by farmers for farmers. They are truly tried and tested in real farming conditions in a real farm environment before they are brought to market.

We don’t just listen to the end user – we are the end user.


farmer drills

Jeff Claydon, farmer and CEO


The Claydon Hybrid is very versatile and has created a much improved, more open soil structure which is much better able to support the weight of following machinery. The land walks so much better now and has become almost self-healing.

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In the first year the Claydon drill saved us 30,000 litres of fuel compared with our previous system. At 70 pence per litre that alone represented a saving of £21,000, but there were numerous other immediate benefits in terms of timeliness, time saving, better crops and much lower costs.
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The Claydon System buys us time on our difficult ground and the main advantage for us is the speed and efficiency of the system. We can comfortably drill 32-40ha in a day. Given our steep banks, stones and some fiddly fields that’s a decent rate, and far more than we could achieve with the plough.
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Claydon Opti-Till® System

The Claydon Opti-Till® System is a holistic approach to crop establishment which maximises yield potential and improves soil health while reducing costs.

When you experience the Claydon system of establishing crops, you'll realise just how beneficial loving your soil can be.

Hear what our customers have to say about their experiences with establishing crops using Claydon Opti-Till.

See Claydon machinery in action - on all soil types and in all conditions.

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