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TerraBlading Time

  Now is the time for farmers to get on top of any weeds they have in their crops with a pass of the TerraBlade inter-row hoe.  As more focus is on finding alternatives to chemicals, which are losing

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La moisson commence avec de bonnes premières indications de rendement

Depuis 2002, lorsque nous avons conçu et breveté notre dent fissuratrice, Jeff Claydon est devenu conscient de l’importance de l’état de santé des sols qu’il cultive. Il sait qu’un travail

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Un agriculteur opte pour Claydon après d’impressionnants éssais

Colin McGregor et sa femme Jill cultivent 304 ha sur la ferme de Coldstream Mains, dans le Berwickshire, à la frontière Ecossaise, ainsi que 3 345 ha en contrat avec 14 autres exploitations. Colin est

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Votre sol est-il en bonne santé ?

Pendant les portes ouvertes Claydon cette année, nous avons accueilli Dick Neale, spécialiste de la production végétale de la firme Hutchinsons pour parler de la santé du sol. Claydon a saisi l’opportunité

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Harvesting begins with good early yield indications

Since 2002, when he designed the patented leading tine drill, Jeff Claydon became aware of the importance of looking after the soil where he farmed.  He saw the damage which unnecessary cultivations can

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How healthy are your soils?

At this year’s Claydon open days, we hosted a talk by Dick Neale, Technical Manager, from crop production specialists Hutchinsons.  Claydon took the opportunity to open up their soils by digging

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Berwickshire farmer chooses low disturbance Claydon option

Colin McGregor and his wife Jill farm 304 ha at Coldstream Mains in Berwickshire, together with an extra 3345 ha on contract with 14 other farms. Colin constantly looks for new ways to improve yields and

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How Claydon Opti-Till® turned around a contracted farm’s grass weed problem

    In October 2010, the Claydon family took on the contract for farming a number of fields in Suffolk.   Until 2010, these fields had been farmed under a conventional establishment system,

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Claydon crops off to a good start in 2019

We have been impressed by photos our customers have been sending in of Claydon drilled crops in different countries.  The crops have coped very well with very dry conditions at time of sowing and establishment

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