Lower Disturbance

Our new "LD" lower disturbance options fit onto standard Hybrid drills as either new or retrofit kits.

The LD set-up consists of a new design twin-tine with double front cutting disc and is capable of drilling directly into stubbles, cover crops, pastures and heavy trash situations.

The 25mm LD twin tines have a unique double leaf design and taper down to 15mm carbide plated tips.  This gives them added strength when drilling into harder ground and enables them to maintain drilling depth.  The seed boot is 30mm with a 24mm internal width, capable of accommodating larger seeds. Fertiliser can be placed down the rear and middle of the two tines.  The twin tines seed in row spacings of circa 15cm to give a more traditional type of finish – line seeding instead of band seeding. The LD set-up comes with a choice of double discs - flat or the new "Spiradisk" fluted - depending on the amount of tilth required. 

The great benefit of the design is the ease and speed of changing over from a standard direct strip till set-up to the LD option.  It's swap-in, swap-out. The twin tine replaces the A share – undo three bolts and bolt on the new setup - whilst the double disc replaces the standard leading tine – pull out the pin and slot in the new discs.  The disc depth can be changed individually. 

The new LD options are available across the complete range of Hybrid drills. 

The versatility of the Hybrid drill means it really is a case of one drill to do it all.

Call us now on 01440 820327 to speak to an advisor who can talk you through our new LD options.