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Brockhills of Yorkshire

We are delighted to announce that Brockhills of Yorkshire have been appointed as dealers for Claydon. 

Brockhills of Yorkshire Limited, based in Dalton near Thirsk, will sell, service and support Claydon products throughout North Yorkshire in an area along the A1 corridor.

Peter Swales, Brockhills of Yorkshire's Managing Director, states:

“Taking on the Claydon franchise is the culmination of a two-pronged vision. Existing Claydon owners in our area encouraged us to consider it because Claydon was changing from direct sales to a dealer network. Other customers have been encouraging us to offer tine drills since the wet autumn of 2019 when disc-type units proved problematic and the consensus was in favour of the Claydon System. The uncertainty over Brexit and future of the Basic Payment Scheme has also made farmers focus more intently on reducing their production costs. As our customers change and adapt so, as dealers, we must do the same. . .  When I visited the Claydon factory and farm to see the products being manufactured and crops which had been produced using them it quickly became clear that this was the right choice."

For enquiries relating to new Claydon machinery, demos, spares and service in this area, visit our dealer page for Brockhills of Yorkshire contact details.