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New Hybrid T4 4m trailed drill to be demo-ed at Cereals

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New TerraStar live in action on the demo field at Cereals

Cereals UK 15 & 16 June

Claydon will have a full range of machines at Cereals this year, including the new Hybrid T4 trailed 4m drill and TerraStar shallow cultivator live on the demonstration plots. 

Hybrid T4

Based on the patented two-tine design which Claydon developed over 14 years ago, the Hybrid T4 can be used to deliver seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser.  Simple to set up, easy to use and with very low operating costs, the new drill will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops. This enables farmers to handle any establishment situation with just one drill and with a much lower level of capital investment.

Delivering an average seasonal output of 1100ha behind a tractor of at least 200hp, the Hybrid T4 is supported on the tractor's lower link arms and incorporates a 3500-litre hopper which is completely independent of the seeding chassis. The seeding depth therefore remains constant regardless of the load in the hopper, which can be used for seed only or divided to provide a 60:40 split between seed and fertiliser. Measuring 7.92m long and 2.95m high, the new model incorporates seven support wheels which are fitted with 10.00/75-15.3 deep-cleated tyres that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to ensure an even seeding depth.  The Hybrid T4 is equipped with single-point depth control, a stainless steel Accord metering system and an RDS Artemis control system which provides variable-rate seeding. The specification also includes an oil cooler, hydraulically-driven fan, Claydon-designed metering heads for improved flow and seeding accuracy, together with a tramline kit.  The front of the chassis is guided by either the optional press wheels, simple depth wheels or shouldered cutting discs, while the double rear toolbar can be equipped with a range of press wheel and harrow configurations to fully cover the seed and leave the soil smooth and level.  

The Hybrid T4 can be adapted to whatever the customer requires to suit different crops and conditions. They can have the standard tine set-up, a twin-tine option instead of the rear seeding tine, choose to have fertiliser placed down the front or rear tine, can replace the leading tine with a cutting disc, or alternatively replace the seeding tine with the twin-tine kit and the leading tine with a twin cutting disc for a minimum disturbance option if required.

Options include four cameras to enable the operator to monitor the drill from the tractor cab, six work lights, blockage sensors and a front tool bar to carry cutting discs or press wheels.


The Claydon TerraStar perfectly complements the company's Straw Harrow, enabling farmers to create an ideal shallow tilth which encourages volunteers and weeds, including blackgrass, to chit, while also assisting with slug control, drainage and the incorporation of manures.  Like other Claydon products the TerraStar is fast, efficient, effective and incorporates a minimum of wearing parts, making for extremely low-cost operation. Weighing 1750kg and with a working width of 6m, it is recommended for use behind a 150hp tractor to achieve the 15 kp/h forward speed (9.3mph) required for optimum results. Daily work rate is approximately 90ha (225 acres), while fuel use is minimal at approximately 3 litres/ha (1¼ litres/acre).

The Claydon TerraStar is equipped with two knife bars on each side and, as its name suggests, incorporates 68 rotating 'star' points which pluck 80mm-square divots from the top layer of soil on a 200mm grid pattern to create a shallow cultivation effect. The implement's unique tines produce thousands of miniature plugs of soil which form a fine surface tilth, levelling the field whilst leaving the soil structure intact, encouraging volunteers and grass weeds to germinate and grow, while assisting water to drain from the surface. The aim is to produce 30mm of tilth depending on soil type and conditions, so the operating depth can be adjusted to allow multiple passes.

Unlike disc-type implements which move all the soil and create too much fine tilth that presents a weather risk, either drying out or turning soils slushy, the Claydon TerraStar creates a  shallow tilth which the Claydon Straw Harrow is then able to move. This operation breaks off growing plants at the germinating stage and one-leaf point of growth, which eliminates the need to spray while ground conditions allow Straw Harrowing to take place. The uncultivated area between the 80mm divots helps to support the weight of machinery and increases tyre grip, as well as generating ideal conditions in which a Claydon drill can operate.

The Claydon Terra Star can also be used as a mechanical weeder, with multiple passes reducing the need for glyphosate, making stubble management much easier and reducing slug populations. The implement is also ideal for mulching/incorporating crop or other residues and can be used to help level fields and produce more uniform seed beds, not only in unmoved soil, but also behind any other cultivation equipment.

Also on stand 1057 will be a static T4 and TerraStar, 3m Fert Drill, 4.8m Hybrid, 7.5m Harrow, double front hopper and a set of Rolls.  Various set up options will also be displayed.