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Claydon appoints importer for Spain

Claydon has appointed AG-Group as the sole importer for its range of drills and stubble management equipment in Spain.  AG-Group started off in 1987 as Vogel and Noot Espana S.A..and became AG-Group in 2017 following a management buy-out by General Manager Pascual Galindo

AG-Group’s headquarters are in Tamarite de Litera, Huesca, northern Spain, with a network of more than 120 distributors across Spain and into Portugal.  Among the brands represented by AG-Group are Alpego, Hnos Garcia, Strautmann, Sip, Mascar and DCM.

This appointment represents a major step forward for Claydon in Spain; for the first time farmers will have local access to the Claydon range of machines, demonstration availability, service and spares.  Exisiting Claydon customers in Spain will also benefit from a local response and support.

The Claydon range of mounted and trailed drills is particularly suited to the Spanish market.  The direct strip seeding drills are designed to sow straight into stubble after harvest.  The patented leading tine creates just enough tilth in the rooting and seeding zone for healthy and stronger plant development and growth.  As only a small channel of soil is moved, moisture is not lost but retained in the unseeded banks.  Vegetation from the previous crop is left on the soil and breaks down gradually, increasing the fertility of the soil.  This also improves soil structure, reducing the risk of soil blow and erosion. 

Pascual Galindo, General Manager for AG-Group says: “Now, together with Claydon, we have the opportunity to educate the market and develop this different system of direct sowing, where we can achieve optimal results for farmers whilst at the same time considering the needs of the environment, ecology and conservation.”

Claydon Territory Manager Franco Vignoli says of the new partnership: “We are very happy to be working with AG-Group; this is a forward-looking company which places great emphasis on customer service.  In partnership with AG-Group we can now respond to the growing level of interest from farmers in Spain who want to reduce their costs whilst still being able to grow strong healthy crops and maximise their yields. This is a very good start to the New Year for us!

AG-Group will be exhibiting Claydon machines for the first time at the FIMA Exhibition, Zaragoza -Spain- 20-24 February 2018  Hall 8 Stand A/12-20.

For more information about AG-Group, click here to visit their website.