Feigl farm 3 - 11.3.14

Axel Behmann presents to a group of farmers from around Austria

Feigl farm 2 - 11.3.14

6m Hybrid

Feigl farm 11.3.14

6m Hybrid

Feigl farm 5 - 11.3.14

6m Hybrid

Claydon in Austria

A big thank-you to Jürgen and Raphael Feigl, from the farm Bioland Feigl, for hosting the presentation of their newly-purchased 6m Claydon Drill on 11 March 2014.

Bioland Feigl is an organic farm near Vienna, on light soils, and the 6m Hybrid was in action drilling spring crops.

Jacob Darby, Claydon Export Manager, and Axel Behmann, Germany Manager, were pleased to be able to meet the Feigl family and also a good group of visitors to Bioland Feigl from all over Austria, who had come to see the new drill.

A great afternoon - many thanks to the Feigls!