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15 years in direct strip till anniversary cake at LAMMA. Pictured are Spencer Claydon, Jeff Claydon with the knife, Frank Claydon

Happy 15th!

With 15 years' research and development behind it, the Claydon Hybrid is the optimum direct strip till drill. 

In 15 years we have been most places and done most things in direct drilling, with the culmination of all our development, experience and knowledge being the Claydon Hybrid Drill. 

The Claydon drill reduces costs and maximises yields for farmers across the world, no matter what their soil type, their climate or their growing conditons.  That's why we know that the Claydon Hybrid - using our patented concept of a leading tine in front of a seeding tine - is your most versatile drilling solution.  It's the drill that has been designed to work in as many growing conditions as possible whilst achieving just the right amount of soil movement and tilth to supply crops with enough of the air and friable soil they require for easy rooting and healthy growing.

Claydon - the optimum drill with the optimum till.