Kub 89 demo oct 2018 east of paris lr

Even with the hard stony ground, the leading tine is able to loosen the soil in the rooting zone to allow plants to grow away strong.

Kub 89 demo oct 2018 dscf0255 lr

Claydon 3m Hybrid working in the extremely dry conditions in the Yonne region.

Kub 89 julien and florian lr 2

KUB 89 and owner Julien Demoly pictured here with Service Technician Florian Robert from their base at Venoy close to Auxerre.

KUB 89 demos underway in France

The autumn demo tour has started with KUB 89 - and the weather between the first two days couldn’t have been more different!

The conditions are extremely dry in the Bourgogne region of France after 5 months of drought and very little rain.  The Claydon 3m Hybrid fertiliser drill performed very well in the stony soils that dominate many parts of the region.

The customers that attended the demos were very impressed by the way the drill was able to get the seed into the hardened ground. The leading tine loosens the soil to help the roots get a good hold into the soil despite the very stony conditions.