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Claydon drilled maize. No significant difference with precision drilled maize.

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Left hand side: Claydon drilled. Right hand side: no till precision drilled

Maize:  Claydon v precision drilling

Claydon drilling and precision drilling maize?  No significant difference.

In recent conservation agriculture trials in Italy carried out on the sandy loam fields of Fattorie Novella Sentieri, near Brescia, Claydon drilled maize achieved the same results as precision drilled maize  – with the added benefits of being able to drill many more different crop types with the Claydon, demonstrating the versatility of the machine.

Precision maize drilling is a technique that has been around for decades, to improve space provision for plants for agronomic benefits but what are the benefits, for example, over Claydon drilling direct in bands?

“In these trials, with the Claydon strip tillage and the no tillage precision sowing, there was a difference in the initial growth of maize but marginal differences in production and quality biomass. And with the first method, you might use a single operation for more crops, reducing costs.”*

Company Fattorie Novella Sentieri, il Laboratorio Nutristar e il Laboratorio Analisi Zootecniche sas di Mancinelli

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