Marek jasiel ceo and grzegorz drezek commercial director lr

New Distributor for Claydon in Poland

Claydon Drills are changing their distributor in Poland from Ursus Distribution Sp. z o.o. to FRICKE Maszyny Rolnicze Sp. z o.o. with immediate effect.

Simon Revell, Claydon’s Export Sales Manager, comments:  “Claydon do not make changes to their distributor partners easily and would like to thank the Ursus team for their efforts and support over the last 3 years.  We believe that this change will have a significant effect on Claydon’s progress in this important market where the interest in the Claydon Opti-Till® System is growing.  Fricke’s professional approach and expertise with their contacts throughout Poland will provide a solid base for our continued and planned expansion.”

Farmers are increasingly aware that they have to produce high quality crops as cost effectively as possible without affecting output.  The Claydon seed drill, with its leading tine technology, is well proven allowing farmers to cut costs, reduce their environmental impact, cutting input costs without affecting yield and possibly more importantly, as many Claydon users are finding, improving their soil health.

Marek Jasiel, CEO of Fricke Maszyny Rolnicze, comments:  “Claydon machines perfectly fit into the innovative trends of cultivation, but also help to overcome the challenges caused as a consequence of climate change.  Sowing with Claydon machines saves time, energy and water as well as helping to care for the environment and improve soil structure.  Becoming increasingly aware of the new technological trends and expectations from our clients - cereal producers, we arrived at the conviction that we need to supplement our offering with band sowing machines.  The decision to choose a partner - a supplier of machines in Strip Till technology - was not easy, because on the Polish market there are many products offered by various manufacturers. Co-operation with Claydon was initiated in 2019.   A series of shows and their very good reception by our customers as well as the professional support and personal commitment of the director of export sales Mr. Simon Revell, confirmed my belief that we made the right choice. Consistent pursuit of a common goal and determination of partners to achieve this goal is very important in cooperation between companies. I see this determination on both sides.

"Fricke Maszyny Rolnicze, thanks to many years of experience in the industry and its existing infrastructure in Poland, is able to provide excellent service for Claydon machines. Our employees, from both the sales and technical departments, have already undertaken a series of training sessions at the Claydon factory in the UK and are ready to serve customers.  The customers in Poland who have already purchased Claydon machines or decide to buy them in the future may feel secure in the knowledge that they will receive quality sales, aftersales and service support."