Img-20191108-wa0002 autumn drilling

Autumn drilling 2019 in Suffolk, UK.


Autumn drilling 2019 in Dorset, UK


Autumn drilling 2019 in Hampshire, UK


Autumn drilling 2019 in France.


Autumn drilling 2019 in Germany.

Seeding in a difficult autumn

Despite the difficulties of seeding later in the autumn this year, farmers using Claydon Opti-Till® have generally faired better with their crop establishment.  In particular those that have been using Opti-Till over a period of time as the soil structure has improved enabling it to absorb high levels of rain falling in a short space of time.  This has also reduced run-off allowing many users to continue seeding in less than ideal conditions and establishing their crops successfully.  The trafficking ability of the fields is greatly enhanced allowing machinery to work when other cultivation regimes have created issues stopping progress due to deep wheelings and waterlogged fields.

See Claydon-drilling in action here from November 2019