Sm3 claas depot

SM3 CLAAS HQ, Fleury (50)

Sm3 claas hq

SM3 CLAAS HQ, Fleury (50)

SM3 CLAAS, exclusive Claydon dealer for the north-west of France

Claydon are pleased to announce that they are now working with new partner SM3 CLAAS as exclusive dealer for the entire Claydon range of machinery for departements 22, 35, 53, 50, 14 et 61 in the north west of France.

SM3 CLAAS is a part of the cooperative Agrial, which has more than 100 years of history in the agricultural sector.  SM3 CLAAS operates out of 12 branches with a 200-strong workforce and 35 sales personnel. This appointment represents a major step forward for Claydon in this region of France; for the first time farmers will have local access to the Claydon range of machines, demonstration availability, service and spares.  Existing Claydon customers in this area will also benefit from a local response and support.

Claydon Territory Manager Jordan Pirot says of the new partnership:

“We are very happy to be working with SM3 CLAAS; this is a forward-looking company which places great emphasis on customer service.  In partnership with SM3 CLAAS we can now respond to the growing level of interest from farmers in this area who want to reduce their costs whilst still being able to grow strong healthy crops and maximise their yields.”

SSM3 CLAAS will be holding a public demonstration of Claydon machines for the first time at the end of August, with oilseed rape sowing in the Caen area. 

For more information, contact:

Anne Couetil at SM3 CLAAS
Jordan Pirot at Claydon +33 (0)7 70 09 15 50

Website SM3 Claas

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