Claydon Injector

The Claydon Injector allows farmers to strip inject and cover sewage or digestate directly into stubble fields and in one pass. Not only does this improve timeliness and reduce costs, it also ensures that ammonium nitrate is not lost into the air and the smell is kept to a minimum.

Using Claydon’s leading two-tine technique, the Claydon Injector can place sewage into rows with either 300mm or 600 row spacings. The carbide front tine penetrates the soil down to depths of 150mm, then the following tine places the slurry and the rear tine closes the soil over the strip.

With the added ability to place or broadcast oilseed rape behind the injector, the machine can also offer a versatile and cost-effective way to establish high yielding crops.

The Claydon Injector Concept

  • 1
    • 1. Choice of Vogelsang Exacut or DosiMat

  • 2
    • 2. Lightweight frame

      Available in 3m, 4m, 4.8m or 6m
  • 3
    • 3. Depth wheels

      Run on dry stubble
  • 4
    • 4. Excellent clearance

  • 5
    • 5. Choice of single bar or double toolbar with green harrows

  • 6
    • 6. 3 Inch coulter

      Putting slurry down 4 Inches
  • 7
    • 7. Platform at rear