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6.3m Rolls

Claydon 6.3m Cambridge Rolls with 600mm Breaker Rings

These rolls were first used in 2016 but have done very little work as they have been used as demonstrators for shows and tillage events etc as part of the Claydon national demonstrator fleet. They have also been occasionally used in support of a 12.3m set of Claydon Rolls on the Claydon farm but will have done under 750a of rolling in total.

  • Year of Manufacture 2014
  • Total Weight 4500kg
  • Weight Per Metre 714kg
  • Transport Width 2.42m
  • Ring Diameter 600mm
  • Axel Diameter 60mm

Road Transport:
With an excellent horizontal folding system Claydon rolls fold under 2.85m for road transport. With a low centre of gravity and excellent visibility the Claydon rolls are safe and stress-free to manoeuvre in between fields. Light boards are fitted as standard.

Set Up:
Setting up the rolls for work is simple and straightforward and can all be done from the tractor seat. Three sets of spool valves are required to unfold the machine. There is an option to fit the rolls with a Claydon stone box for carrying stones to the edge of the field, or for holding tools. For optimum performance the operator will leave the centre ram in float and the wing rams pressurised.