The Claydon System

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The Leading Tine Drill

Ground breaking tine: Standard set-up

The leading tine can be adjusted to a depth of between 0 for low disturbance and 15cm (6 inches) for deep rooting crops like OSR. The second tine can be adjusted via the depth wheels to put the seed in as shallow or deep as necessary.

1. Centrally mounted depth wheels give very accurate seed placement as they run on undisturbed soil between the rows and do not run over or cap the seeded area.

2. Stone protected leading tines break through the ground lifting and aerating it whilst creating a drainage tract and space for the roots to grow deep and strong with ease.

3. Solid sprung seeding tines keep a highly accurate and constant seed depth, flowing through the soil lifted by the leading tines and cultivating it whilst only moving for a large stone. 

4. Levelling boards and tines leave a superbly level finish covering the seedlings in a perfect soil plant pot with drainage and space for root development.

5. Fertiliser can be placed below the seed (front tine) or above the seed (rear tine) with the standard tine set up. With the twin tine option, fertiliser can be placed below the seed only.


The Claydon leading tine design is protected by patent GB 2 400 296 B and EP(UK) 2 051 576 B2.  Patents are also in existence in other countries.

Strip Cultivate, apply fertiliser, seed and starter fertiliser in one pass